Primary Colors (1998): Libby Refuses to Expose Picker Part 2


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The clip Libby refuses to expose Picker Part 2 from Primary Colors (1998)

Weren't they gorgeous?
But look at you.
You little shit. I told you I used to have a waist.
Hush up. Don't ruin it. You remember when this was?
You don't, do you?
Miami headquarters in '72.
This was taken just after the convention.
I'll never forget that convention.
Libby, for Christ's sake, what's the point?
The point is Eagleton.
Remember, Jack? I must have known you, what, two days then?
We hear that McGovern had chosen a vice president who...
had electric shock therapy.
And I consider the possibility that we might lose to that fuckbrain Nixon.
Before that, I was absolutely convinced we would win.
Can you imagine, Henry? We were so fucking young.
And this one, he takes me out.
We go to an outdoor Cuban joint. Remember, Jack?
My head's in my hands. I mean, life has ended.
I say, "They did it! The CIA."
I couldn't believe that Tom Eagleton would really be a nutcase.
They had to have take him and made him crazy.
It couldn't be that McGovern was a complete amateur!
I said to Jack: "We got to get same capability as the CIA."
Remember, Jack? "We have to do dirt, too. "
And you said, "No. Our job is to end all that. "
"Our job is to make it clean. Because if it's clean, we win. "

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