Primary Colors (1998): Picker Was a Coke Head Part 2


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The clip Picker was a coke head Part 2 from Primary Colors (1998)

everyone did everything. Right, Libby?
But where did he score? How could he keep it quiet?
There was a guy. A young guy, Lorenzo Delgado.
Upper-class Cuban, a lawyer.
He and the Governor know each other socially. So it was all right.
The joke is that Delgado just got out of prison...
and lives in a halfway house in Hialeah.
And saint Freddy is about to be president.
Yeah, that is a joke. You must get a lot of laughs telling it at parties.
I don't talk about Freddy.
I'm talking to you because you're from his campaign.
It's just...
I'm not the only guy who knows this.
He should never have returned to the game.
Now he'll go down.
This is America.
You can bank on it.

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