Primary Colors (1998): Burton Comes to Talk to Stanton


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The clip burton comes to talk to stanton from Primary Colors (1998)

Oh, my God. My boy.
Henry Burton. I am mighty honored.
I'm Arlen Sporken, the Governor's media consultant.
Nonfat caffeine?
I am delighted you're on board. Honey, get me a sandwich.
Only if you pinch my cheek and call me sugar.
I'll get it. We're going to win this thing.
Absolutely. But the big question is Ozio. You think...
has the "cagones" to run.
It's cojones.
I don't know Ozio well enough to judge his cojones.
They're big, but they're glass.
Governor, it's nice to...
You remember Miss Walsh.
You all right, darling?
Thank you for this, um, opportunity to discuss the, um...
The program. A great program, don't you think, Henry?
Yes. It's an excellent program.
Now, tell the board what we discussed.
Yes, I will.
I'll just see my way out. Thank you.
She's on the board of the teacher's union.
Ah, a teacher and a librarian.
It's the missus.
Hi, darling.
Honey, I'm sorry. We got stuck here.
But great news... We made real progress with the teachers.
Tonight? Are you sure? Oh, I'm sorry, honey.
Charlie, did we have a meeting with the guy from the...
Portsmouth Democratic Committee?
Goddamn it, Charlie.
Are you Uncle Charlie, the Medal of honor winner?
Well, I'm Uncle Charlie. And whatever else he says.
If you'll stop popping my eardrum, I'll leave now.
Don't... Susan, don't go. Susan, just stay...

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