Primary Colors (1998): Governor Picker on Larry King


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The clip governor picker on larry king from Primary Colors (1998) with Billy Bob Thornton

Lawrence Harris made several negative spots.
His pollsters have advised more. Will you go in that direction?
No. I won't be doing any spots or having any polls,...
because I'm not paying any pollsters.
I'm not hiring folks to tell me what you're thinking...
or how to get at you.
Then what are you going to do?
Just talk straight.
Jesus Christ. Who is this guy?
Let's not panic. He's as much as admitted he's running.
So now we'll see some tamish on the golden image.
The media giveth and... go fuck yourself.
Governor, why did you quit politics in 1978?
There were a lot of reasons. I had personal problems.
This can't be easy to talk about.
No, it's not.
But I guess it's part of the game now, so I'll be candid.
I got too wrapped up in...
being governor, and I began to neglect my family.
My wife fell in love with another man.
I quit, in part to see if I could salvage my marriage...
but I couldn't. So then I just wanted to make sure...
my boys knew I loved them.
I think if you ask them, they'll say we made it through okay.
They're in college now and when Mrs. Harris asked me to do this...
they were very enthusiastic. I guess you could say...
I'm doing this for them, too.
Awesome. The best I've ever seen.
What do we do?
Well, now we panic.

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