Blood Diamond (2006): Good and Bad in People


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The clip good and bad in people from Blood Diamond (2006) with Leonardo DiCaprio, Basil Wallace

She also wrote about her sister Josie...
...who was very ill and who had to be taken to hospital.
So how many attacks have there been in the area?
l have known most of the rebels since they were children.
The local commander is still afraid l will come after him with my ruler.
So you think because your intentions are good, they'll spare you, huh?
My heart always told me that people are inherently good.
My experience suggests otherwise.
But what about you, Mr. Archer?
ln your long career as a journalist...
...would you say that people are mostly good?
l'd say they're just people.
Exactly. lt is what they do that makes them good or bad.
A moment of love, even in a bad man...
...can give meaning to a life.
None of us knows which path will lead us to God.

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