Blood Diamond (2006): Last Words


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The clip Last Words from Blood Diamond (2006)

Okay, then l'm coming to be with you. You just tell me where you are.
l don't think so.
Are you still in Kono? Because l can get someone there to help you.
Maddy, you find someplace safe for the boy, all right?
And keep him out of sight.
And get Solomon to London.
He's bringing something with him.
But he's gonna need your help.
Why aren't you bringing it yourself?
l'm saying it's a real story now.
And you can write the hell out of it.
l'm really happy l met you.
You know that?
Yeah, l'm....
l'm really happy l met you too.
And I wish I could be there with you.
That's all right.
l'm exactly where l'm supposed to be.

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