Blood Diamond (2006): Closing the Weapons Deal


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The clip closing the weapons deal from Blood Diamond (2006) with Leonardo DiCaprio, Percy Matsemela

-l go kill you, eh? -lt's fine, huh? lt's fine.
Commander Zero. Commander Zero.
Mr. Archer, come here.
You get something for me?
And yourself get something for me, huh?
Are you craze? You get for pay me first for them.
This no fine, huh?
This no fine.
...and their new weapons, huh?
Maybe l could kill you and take what you bring.
Then you get one more dead body...
...instead of airplane way full with grenade launchers.
So l'm think l'm gonna go to them government.
Them government, at least them go pay me, huh?
Wait, wait. Wait, my friend.
This is the thing you want? Here.
So many l not know what to do with them all.
Hey, Archer, next time, you bring satellite TV, eh?
-l wanna see Baywatch. -Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.

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