The Shining (1980): the Gold Room Part 2


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The clip the gold room Part 2 from The Shining (1980) with Joe Turkel, Jack Nicholson

I was afraid they'd be there until next April.
So here's what:
You slip me a bottle of bourbon a little glass and some ice.
You can do that, can't you?
You're not too busy, are you?
No, sir. I'm not busy at all.
Good man.
You set them up and I'll knock them back, one by one.
White man's burden, Lloyd, my man.
White man's burden.
Say, Lloyd it seems I'm temporarily light.
How's my credit in this joint, anyway?
Your credit's fine, Mr. Torrance.
That's swell.
I like you, Lloyd.
I always liked you.
You were always the best of them.
Best goddamn bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine.
Or Portland, Oregon, for that matter.
Thank you for saying so.
I never laid a hand on him, goddamn it.
I didn't.
I wouldn't touch one hair on his goddamn little head.
I love the little son of a bitch.
I'd do anything for him.
Any fucking thing for him.
But that bitch!

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