The Shining (1980): Meet the Overlook Hotel Part 3


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The clip meet the overlook hotel Part 3 from The Shining (1980) with Scatman Crothers

Come along. Watch your step.
How'd you know we call him Doc?
-Beg your pardon? -You called Danny "Doc" twice.
I did?
We call him Doc sometimes, like in the Bugs Bunny cartoons.
But how did you know?
I guess I heard you call him that.
It's possible. But I don't remember calling him that since we've been with you.
Anyway, he looks like a Doc, doesn't he?
What's up, Doc?
Now, this is the storeroom.
In here is where we keep all the dried goods and the canned goods.
We got canned fruits and vegetables canned fish and meats, hot and cold cereals.
Post Toasties, Corn Flakes, Sugar Puffs Rice Krispies, oatmeal, Wheatena and Cream of Wheat.
You got a dozen jugs of black molasses.
We got 60 boxes of dried milk...
How'd you like some ice cream, Doc?

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