The Shining (1980): Meet the Overlook Hotel Part 4


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The clip meet the overlook hotel Part 4 from The Shining (1980) with Scatman Crothers

...Sociables, finger rolls and 7 kinds of what have you.
We've got dried peaches, dried apricots dried raisins and dried prunes.
You know, you got to keep regular if you want to be happy.
-How're you getting on? -Fine.
Can we borrow Mrs. Torrance? We're on our way to the basement.
I promise we won't keep her very long.
No problem. I was just getting to the ice cream.
You like ice cream, Doc?
I thought so.
You mind if I give Danny some ice cream?
-Not at all. -We don't mind.
-Good. -Sound good to you, Doc?
Okay, you behave yourself.
What kind of ice cream do you like?
Chocolate it shall be. Come on, son.
It's amazing, all this activity today.
The guests and some staff left yesterday, but the last day's always hectic.
Everybody wants to be on their way as early as possible.
By 5:00 tonight, you'll never know anybody was ever here.
Just like a ghost ship, huh?

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