The Shining (1980): Tony's Warning


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The clip Tony's warning from The Shining (1980) with Jack Nicholson, Danny Lloyd

Tony, do you think Dad'll get the job?
He already did.
He's going to phone Wendy up in a few minutes to tell her.
-Hi, babe. -Hi, hon. How's it going?
Great. I'm at the hotel and I still have a lot to do.
I don't think I can get home before 9 or 10.
Sounds like you got the job.
Right. It's a beautiful place.
You and Danny are going to love it.
Tony, why don't you want to go to the hotel?
I don't know.
You do too know. Now come on, tell me.
I don't want to.
Now, Tony, tell me.

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