Always (1989): Pete Reconnects with Al


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The clip pete reconnects with al from Always (1989)

Al, you son of a bitch, you!
Jeez, you look great!
I mean, you look terrible in the same old great way.
Honor to meet you, sir. Ted Baker.
sorry I'm late.
Did you get lost?
Yes, I did.
How did you know?
It says here you, got your ticket back...
...after a 12-month suspension.
While they looked into why you flew 500 kitchen units...
There's a crawly thing on your face.
Don't you want to scratch your cheek. Its legs are tickling you.
You mixed up Burbank with Van Nuys.
Lymers. It's a little Lyme tick.
My directional gyro wasn't working.
They're burrowing in. They're laying eggs.
You also violated military air space.
Try this. It'll feel good.
There you go.
I'm going to like this job.
sir, you have a smudge on your face.
The other side.
Right there.
Another comedian.
I'm not a comedian.
You better not be.
I feel so alive!
It's okay.
Probably a cross wind over the trash can.

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