Always (1989): Inspiration Mission


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The clip inspiration mission from Always (1989)

Where was I?
"Time is funny stuff. "
space has its points, too. so in the five months since you crashed...
You said it was six months.
That was then. I'm explaining this to you in the wrong order.
Hey, look!
I did my first solo in one of those!
That's right.
I did that!
Boy, was I nervous! But you want to know a funny thing?
Once I got up there, I felt like a veteran.
I couldn't do anything wrong.
I flew that plane like Fats Waller flies his piano.
I circled the field, then I found a perfect sideslip in the wind...
...and I came in just like a leaf.
That's right.
You think you did that by yourself?
There was nobody else up there with me.
There was, Pete.
There was someone like you. Behind him was someone else.
Maybe someone who learned what he learned on a motorized box kite.
And you knew that, though you had a different word for it.
I did? What word?
It's what fliers and piano players...
...and everyone else count on. They reach for it. They pray for it.
And often, just when they need it most, they get it.
It's breathed into them.
It's what the word means. Spiritus.
The divine breath. Inspiration.
And now it's your turn to give it back.
That's how the whole thing works.
That's how the whole thing works.
so now I'm supposed to give inspiration to some flyer?
Yes, but you're not going back as a flying instructor.

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