Always (1989): Dorinda Wants to Fly Part 2


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The clip dorinda wants to fly Part 2 from Always (1989)

It's cold.
Come on.
I'm watching the fire.
We don't do fires at night.
We do fires in the day.
At night, we eat, drink and be mad for each other.
sounds like an all right life.
I like it.
I thought I might try it.
Try what?
I'd like to get type-rated for air tankers.
Then we'd both be up there instead of... of us on the ground and the other...
Forget it.
I could make it in a year.
With three years of hauling freight, I've done 1,000 hours.
I saw the last four minutes. Forget it.
It's none of your beeswax.
It is my beeswax and I won't let you do it.
How will you stop me?
By telling you "no. "
By asking you nicely.
Dorinda, honey, please.
Don't be a pigheaded fool.
That is irresistible.

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