Always (1989): Pete Gives in


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The clip pete gives in from Always (1989) with Holly Hunter

When my number is up... is up.
I could just as soon buy it ferrying bibles to salt Lake City.
When it is your turn, I don't want to be around.
I think that is very selfish of you.
You should be at the funeral...
...crying and looking terrific before you enter the nunnery.
You wish!
I'll have better things to do and better men to do them with.
Forget about these other men, Dorinda.
You'll never be with another man.
I will, too, and he'll be tall.
No, Dorinda.
Why not?
You'll never get over me.
Don't kid yourself.
No one will ever be as much fun.
You think I have fun when you have fun?
When you fly into some narrow canyon... think I'm on the ground going, "Boy, this is fun"?
I could understand how you fly...
...if you were risking yourself for civilization.
If you were...
...putting your life on the line for another life...
...anybody's life.
I love you, Pete.
But I'm not enjoying it.
Every time you take off...
...I wait for the phone to ring.
I go to bed sick and I get up scared.
I don't like being sick inside all the time.
Do think I like being afraid that you won't come back.

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