Always (1989): Al Scolds Pete


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The clip al scolds pete from Always (1989)

Know what this place reminds me of?
I'll bet you a beer you're going to tell me.
You lose.
Love! It ain't what it used to be.
There have only ever been two kinds:
Flash fires, which are all flame, burn themselves out and leave nothing.
Then there is the long burning. That is nature's burn.
Even when you think it's out...
...the forest floor is warm to the touch.
That's what you and Dorinda have got.
You're a poet, Al.
You're a really bad poet, but you're a poet.
To hell with it. This place reminds me of World War II.
This is deep.
I wasn't in it, but think about it. The beer is warm, the hall is a Quonset...
...there are B-26s outside, hotshot pilots inside. Airstrip in the woods.
It's England! Everything but Glenn Miller.
Except we bomb places that are already burning.
There ain't no war here.
Where is she?
That's why they don't make movies called, Night Raid to Boise, Idaho or...
...Firemen Strike at Dawn.
And this is why you're not exactly a hero for taking the chances you take.
You're more of what I would call a dickhead.
Is this heading somewhere?

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