Always (1989): Trapped Firefighters


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The clip trapped firefighters from Always (1989)

Round them up! There's a cutback over here! Let's go!
Operations, this is Smoke Jumper's squad boss!
say again, over.
Mayday! We have a major blowout!
Our escape route has been cut off.
We're by the radio tower on the south side of Dome Peak.
Our only escape route is the gully to the southwest.
We're heading for the Kootenai River.
I can see the waterfall at the upper end of Bull Lake.
Get on the radio to the heli-base. Have the choppers standing by.
Libby Operations to Heli-base.
Ted, those choppers are 40 miles away. They fly at 100 miles an hour.
Libby Operations to Heli-base.
We're 12 miles away. We fly at 220 miles an hour.
Libby Operations, this is Heli-base. We read. Over.
Air Attack, 6-3 Echo, this is Operations. We will handle the incident from here.
Contact the Jumper boss and ascertain their location.
What are you doing?
Don't worry, Al. I'll bring him back.
Nails, get me a WAC chart and sectional for Dome Mountain.
Get everything you've got together.
I'll take your plane.
It's my plane, I fly it.
We don't have time, Nails.
Get a load of mud and fill it to the tabs. I'll need all of it.

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