Peter Pan (2003): Wendy Meets Captain Hook


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The clip Wendy Meets Captain Hook from Peter Pan (2003) with Jeremy Sumpter, Rachel Hurd-Wood

I brought these.
Can you use it?
Promise me one thing.
Leave Hook to me.
I promise.
Wait here for my signal.
Wait here?
'Thus Wendy first laid eyes on the dark figure who haunted her stories.
'She saw the piercing eyes
'and was not afraid but entranced. '
Mr Smee?
That you, Cap'n?
Brimstone and gall, man.
What do you think you're doing?
Well, we've put the children on the rope, Cap'n, like you said.
Set 'em free!
Set 'em free? Well, what about your trap?
Set them free or I'll plunge my hook in you.
I don't know what he wants but I'm just an idiot, aren't I?

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