Peter Pan (2003): Captain Hook


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The clip Captain Hook from Peter Pan (2003) with Jason Isaacs, Richard Briers

Cap'n, as I was sitting wide-eyed on my watch,
I noticed it was wintertime on the water but springtime on the shore.
I says to myself, "Tha�s early for spring to be astir, spring's not due till 3pm. "
Check the time yourself, Cap'n...
I was dreaming, Smee...
of Pan.
Pan, Cap'n?
And in my dream...
I was a magnanimous fellow.
Full of forgiveness.
I thanked Pan for cutting off my hand and for giving me this fine hook
for disembowelling and ripping throats.
And other such homely uses...
as combing my... hair.
So Pan did you a favour then, Cap'n?
A favour?
He threw my hand to a crocodile.
The beast liked it so much i�s followed me ever since,
licking its lips for the rest of me.
You call that a favour?
No, no, no, no.
Thank you.
Thank Lucifer the beast swallowed a clock.
If it wasn't for the ticking, he'd have had me by now.
Why did you wake me, Smee?
Like I said, Captain, the ice is melting, the sun is out
and the flowers are all in bloom.
He's back.

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