Peter Pan (2003): Mrs. Darling Leaves to A Party


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The clip Mrs. Darling Leaves to A Party from Peter Pan (2003) with Freddie Popplewell, Olivia Williams

Mother, can anything harm us after the night lights are lit?
No, precious.
They are the eyes a mother leaves behind to guard her children.
Mother, must you go to the party?
Yes, Mother, you don't have to go. Father can go by himself.
By himself?
Your father is a brave man,
but he's going to need the special kiss to face his colleagues tonight.
Father? Brave?
There are many different kinds of bravery.
There's the bravery of thinking of others before oneself.
Now, your father has never brandished a sword,
nor fired a pistol, thank heavens.
But he's made many sacrifices for his family...
and put away many dreams.
Where did he put them?
He put them in a drawer.
And sometimes, late at night, we take them out and admire them.
But it gets harder and harder to close the drawer.
He does.
And that is why he is brave.
And remember, every cloud has a silver lining.
Oh... no, i�s snowing.
Oh, we'll catch our death.
Better death than gossip.
You will enter that drawing room with your head held high.

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