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The clip Salvadore from Couples Retreat (2009)

Who is that?
Oh, my.
I guess that's the yoga guy.
This just gets better and better.
Well, hello. I am so sorry I'm late.
I just swam from the other side of the island.
Please, allow me to put on something more proper before we can begin.
Thank God.
There we go. Much better.
Now, who is ready for their yoga?
My name's Jason. Jason.
Pleasure, hi. Nice.
Cynthia. Hi. Can't wait.
Hello, Cynthia.
Yes, we have a brave peacock. Use that. Yes.
Yes. Hi, you must be Veronica. Hi.
Yeah, how did you know?
Why, I have read that you have studied the yoga for five years.
Oh, well, I mean, just off and on, you know, before the kids came.
Nonsense. You know, there is such thing called the muscle memory?
And I could tell by looking at your gait, your muscles remember.
Thank you. Yes.
Okay, we are going to do the children's position.
What's that?
Head down, buttocks up.
Everybody on your mats.
Yeah, that's good. That's good. Very nice posture. Yes.
So I will transfer you my energy. I will transfer my karma.
Here is my karma on you.
You have a great aura. Yes.
Jason! Encouragement!
Yes! This is a great way to stretch.
Yep. You see?
You could do this with your partner at home.
Sure. Let's ride this energy out!
Keep your chin up. Yep.
Yes, this fire has just started. And we will not put it out.
What is he doing?
I don't really know that pose.
Okay, now we go into the happy baby pose.

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