Couples Retreat (2009): Ball Cancer


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The clip ball cancer from Couples Retreat (2009) with Vince Vaughn

Give me just one second. Let me just grab this.
Honey? We have to do this today. Hello?
Hello, Dave. Joey?
Yeah, hey. Look... Just one second, that's it.
...what are you doing about the Jason thing?
If it's Joey, can you ask him if he's coming to the party?
Are you... Are you coming to the party on Sunday?
Yeah, yeah, I�ll be there.
Yeah, he's coming, all right?
Give me one second. Stay with Mom.
One second.
Jason's going to be calling you, all right?
He s got another one of his PowerPoint deals that...
Hold on one second. Hello?
Hey, Dave, it's Jason.
Listen, I'd love to put something on the books with you and Ronnie.
Are you going to make it to Kevin's birthday on Sunday?
Yes, I am. Now, listen, I was hoping that
you guys would come down here to the firm
because Cynthia and I have a PowerPoint presentation
that would just play gangbusters in the conference room.
Okay, okay, hold on one second. It's ringing.
Hello? Why'd you hang up on me?
I didn't hang up on you. You're on hold.
He's trying to get me to see another one of his PowerPoint things.
That stuff creeps me out.
It's just how he communicates.
He's... He's, you know... He's overly efficient.
Well, I don't like hearing about ball cancer,
let alone looking at diagrams.
Joey, he was scared.
Tell him I'm not going.
I isn�t telling him you're not going.
You know, I got him on the other line.
You can tell him yourself. Hold on.
I don't want to... I don't...
Hello, Jason?
Yeah. I got Joey on the line.
Hey, Joey, I've left you
a bunch of voice mail messages all morning. Where are you?
Listen, I can't make it.
Well, we haven't even set a time yet, you know.
If you'd listened to the voice mail,
you'd know that this is just a feeler call
to check your temperature on schedule.
I'm not sitting through another slide show about ball cancer.
Listen, pal, I'm alive today because of early detection, all right?
Is this about ball cancer?
'Cause I... I'm not into that, either.
I'm going to wrap this up right now.
No, it's not about testicular cancer, Dave,
and if you two refuse to check your scrotums for hardened nodules,
I certainly can't force you, can I?
Look, I got to go, all right? Bye.
Dave, are you still there? Hello, Dave?

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