Couples Retreat (2009): Male Masseur


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The clip male masseur from Couples Retreat (2009)

Couples' massage is part of your program and so important.
It gives you the chance to bond, relax, reconnect.
We prefer to bond on our own.
Okay, would you prefer male or female therapists?
What would you recommend more for like a nurturing, pampering, motherly energy?
Would that be a man or a woman, do you think?
A woman.
Well, I'm just so tight in my shoulders. Do you have any...
Let me see.
We do have a male masseur available, madam.
Daddy, I can't wait to get my drink on tonight!
Damn! Is this whole thing uphill? Where's the downhill part?
We going to get our groove on tonight. Right, Daddy?
Of course, baby. You know how we do it.

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