Couples Retreat (2009): the Waterfall


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The clip the waterfall from Couples Retreat (2009)

Is that Salvador?
Does this guy think he's a mermaid? What s his deal?
Oh. Please, excuse my nudity.
I was expecting no company.
Allow me to put something on.
I would have asked you to join me,
but the water is a little chilly.
But perhaps this will warm up the evening.
And what is that?
it�s an island rum, infused with the essence of the coconut fruit.
Yes? You like? Very much.
That's yummy.
it is yummy.
it�s yummy, yummy, yummy, isn't it?
Mmm. Yes.
Oh, oh...
Slow down there, killer.
You see, this island has so many healing curiosities.
You know, it is good to have a drink and have a good time.
Then do it!

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