Couples Retreat (2009): Perfect, Fantastic


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The clip perfect, fantastic from Couples Retreat (2009)

How would you characterize your marriage?
Well, let's start with something easy, then.
What's your favourite thing about your partner?
She's a good mom.
He really is a great dad.
And where did you meet?
School. High school. High school. Yeah.
She was a cheerleader. I was on the football team. Fullback.
I coach now, but I used to play.
And we had... We actually had our daughter... We...
On prom night, we conceived Lacy
and it was a little confusing at the time, but it's been a blessing.
It's been the best thing that's ever happened to us.
It's been the best thing that ever happened to us.
We did the right thing.
How often do you have sex?

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