Couples Retreat (2009): the Itinerary Part 2


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The clip the itinerary Part 2 from Couples Retreat (2009)

ample down time... That's the one.
...sprinkled in with some Couples Skill Building courses,
designed to reignite the dimming flames
of even the most mismanaged relationships.
Okay, see, these relationships are not mismanaged.
Well, thank you, Dave. Yes.
Yeah. I'm just saying we're here to have some fun,
so we are excited about the couples' activities,
as well as some down time.
It's the flame-lighting thing that does not have us inspired.
That's more suited for this particular couple here.
I don't think you're quite understanding me.
Monsieur Marcel�s Pelican Package
is not a fast-food restaurant wherein
you pick what you want from a menu.
Monsieur Marcel is the single most-recognized
couples whisperer in the entire world.
Couple whisperer?
He has studied psychology, yoga, tai chi,
The Art of War, and combined them to form this place, Eden.
The Mecca for couples. Mmm.
He has designed a program specifically for you.
You either partake of the entire meal or have none of it.
I think you're being a little extreme here, Mr. Belvedere.
We have a very long waiting list.
If there's been some kind of misunderstanding,
I'd be happy to refund your money, and you can go on your way.
We will, however, not be able to refund your airfare.
No it's just that we were excited
about the sightseeing and the hiking
and the jet skiing and the snorkelling. It's...
Well, there are plenty of places
that provide those activities.
Perhaps this troupe might be more comfortable
at a Sandals or a Club Med.
This here is monsieur Marcel's Eden.
Now, if you're not at Couples Skill Building by 6:00 a. m.,
I�ll take that as you want your refund
and will not be completing the program.

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