Couples Retreat (2009): Dreamy

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The clip dreamy from Couples Retreat (2009) It's beautiful. And the luggage is already in there, huh? Yeah...
The clip dreamy from Couples Retreat (2009) It's beautiful. And the luggage is already in there, huh? Yeah. This is yours. Unbelievable. The 101. Wow. And we can jump right out into this here? You can do whatever you like. Wow. Look at the water. Please. Thank you. Wow. Wow. I'm going to check the bedroom. Okay, baby. Look at this, baby. Oh, my God. Look at this. Welcome to your villa. It keeps getting better, huh? It's like a little love hut. Wow. This is insane! Honey, they got fish that you can see here through the floor! Baby, they got a hole where you can see the fish! Yeah, they got fish in here, too, baby! Jason, this is dreamy. Baby, you can jump right in the ocean on this thing, and they got a hot tub on the deck! They got the ocean and they got the hot tub! You can dive in the ocean and you got a hot tub! Yeah, they got a hot tub in here, too! Oh, my God. You, I got to take a picture of this. Did I tell you? Did I deliver? Oh, my God. She isn�t never seen nothing like this. I roll like this! Shit, yeah! I'm glad you like, sir. I be rolling like this. So what goes on over there? I hear there's music. Is a party for single woman and men, sir. Yes. How do I get over there? No, you cannot. You can take the boat if you want, but not for you. Okay, when's the boat? Not for me. No, because you got married here, the west coast to Eden Resort so that's why you must keep here. I don't understand what you're saying. You sound like Chewbacca. Well, my instinct is to stay married to her, but what do you think I should do? I mean, do you get a good vibe from us or not-so-good vibe? I don't know, sir. What about this room, in particular? You've checked a lot of people into this room and checked a lot of people out. Do they usually leave happier or less happy? I really don't know, sir.