The Ghost Writer (2010): Mysterious Activity on the Beach


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The clip mysterious activity on the beach from The Ghost Writer (2010)

God, you frightened me.
You're British.
I am, yeah.
It's okay, you can shelter. Sheltering's free.
No, no, no, no! Rosie, Rosie!
In you go. In, in.
So, you're British, huh?
You anything to do with this fellow, Lang?
In a way, yes.
Seems intelligent.
Now why did he go and get himself mixed up
with that damn fool in the White House?
Well, that's what everyone wants to know.
What brings you to this part of the island?
I'm sightseeing.
Well, you sure picked a heck of a day for it.
Someone I knew was found washed up on the beach there.
You mean the British guy from the ferry?
That's right.
Now that was a funny business.
What do you mean?
No way should that current have carried him that far west.
No way!
Are you sure?
I've lived here 54 years.
Did you mention that to the police?
The police? At my age, I've better things to do, young man.
Annabeth's the one dealing with the police.
Your wife?
Annabeth Wurmbrand, Mars Wurmbrand's widow.
She's the one who told them about the lights.
The flashlights on the beach.
The night the body was washed up.

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