The Ghost Writer (2010): Meeting Prof. Emmet


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The clip meeting prof. emmet from The Ghost Writer (2010) with Tom Wilkinson

I make it a rule never to see anyone without an appointment.
But your mention of a photograph rather tickled my curiosity.
Please, come in.
Thank you.
Yes, he's here now.
May I?
Yes. Yes, he's on his own.
He didn't say.
British, about 40.
Well, well. I literally have no recollection of this.
But that is you?
Yes, it is.
I was on the board of the Dramat. I had quite a time of it, as you can imagine.
The Dramat?
I'm sorry. The Yale Dramatic Association.
I maintained my theatrical interests
when I went to Cambridge for my doctoral research.
Could I keep this?
No, I'm afraid not.
I'm sure I could get you a copy.
Would you? That would be kind.
Maybe you could tell me how you came by it.
I'd be happy to.
Come into my study.
Yes, the wall of ego.
We all have one. It's our equivalent of the dentist's fish tank.
Have a seat.
So, the picture.
I've been working with Adam Lang on his memoirs.
Yes, I know, you told me.
Yes, poor Lang. It's bad business, this posturing by The Hague.
As for Rycart, the worst British Foreign Secretary since the war.
Lang was right to fire him.
How well do you know Lang?
Hardly at all.
You seem surprised.
He mentions you in his memoirs.

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