The Ghost Writer (2010): Ghost Moves in


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The clip Ghost moves in from The Ghost Writer (2010) with Ewan McGregor

No, I'm aging.
This place is Shangri-La in reverse.
I tried to call you several times last night.
You didn't answer.
I forgot to charge my mobile phone.
Really? And the hotel phone?
I'm a heavy sleeper.
Well, you can do your heavy sleeping here from now on.
Here? We're under siege.
You can't run the media gauntlet every day.
Eventually, they'll discover who you are. And that would be horrid for you.
So, this is where you put the granny.
This is where we put Mike McAra.
We haven't had a chance to clear it yet. The sheets have been changed, though.
Actually, I make it a rule never to stay in a client's house.
But now you can have constant access to the manuscript.
Isn't that what you want?
Besides, Sid Kroll will be arriving any minute.
Why don't you settle in, and then come up and join us?
You're practically one of us now.
I am?
You drafted the statement yesterday. That makes you an accomplice.
So, here's the score. You're not being charged, you're not being arrested.

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