The Ghost Writer (2010): Travelling to Washington

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The clip travelling to Washington from The Ghost Writer (2010) None of this is gonna amount to a hill of b...
The clip travelling to Washington from The Ghost Writer (2010) None of this is gonna amount to a hill of beans. The only thing the prosecutor is asking for is permission to launch a formal investigation. Investigating me for what? Connie? Either crimes against humanity or war crimes. Well, that's absurd. It's not exactly genocide. "Under Article 25, a person shall be guilty of a war crime "if that person facilitates the commission of such a crime "or aids, abets or otherwise assists in its commission. ' ' That's rather sweeping. Well, if it's any comfort, you're in no jeopardy as long as you stay here, among friends. Are you saying I can't leave the United States? As your attorney, I strongly advise you not to travel to any country that recognizes the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Well, just about every country in the world recognizes the ICC. America doesn't. Who else? Josh? Iraq, China, North Korea, Indonesia, Israel. And that's it? There are some parts of Africa. Wait! I wish to make a short statement. I won't be taking questions. This morning, I was granted power to investigate the former British Prime Minister, Mr. Adam Peter Bennett Lang, under Articles 7 and 8 of the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. I shall shortly be contacting Mr. Lang and the British government to ask for their full cooperation. Thank you. Oh, God. Okay, we need to get you to Washington, Adam, right away. My plane is at the airport. We can get you in to see the Speaker of the House at lunchtime and have a photo-op with the Secretary of State in the afternoon. Won't it look as if I'm panicking? No, they'll both say that the meetings were fixed weeks ago. Well, what the hell are we supposed to be discussing? AIDS? Poverty? Climate change? Who cares? The important thing is to show the world it's business as usual. What do you think, Ruth? I think it's a terrible idea. You'll look as though you're America's whipping boy, running crying home to daddy. So, what would you do? Fly to London. The government will support you. "The British government will cooperate fully with the investigation. ' ' Really? And what makes you think that?