The Ghost Writer (2010): Ghostwriting Offer


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The clip ghostwriting offer from The Ghost Writer (2010)

But you realize I know nothing about politics?
You voted for him, didn't you?
Adam Lang? Of course I did.
Everyone voted for him. He wasn't a politician, he was a craze.
Well, there you go.
Look, it's a new ghostwriter he needs, not another goddamn politico.
He was paid $10 million for these memoirs,
but rumor has it the manuscript's a crock of shit.
Rhinehart's lending him his house at the ocean so they can fix it,
and the pressure must have gotten to McAra.
Pathologist said his blood was, like, three parts booze.
You mean he drowned by accident?
Accident, suicide, who cares? It was the book that killed him.
Well, that's encouraging.
Who is this McAra? Should I have heard of him?
Yeah. He was some kind of aide to Lang when he was Prime Minister,
so don't admit that you haven't. He was with him for years.
I don't know, Rick.
This is a great opportunity for you.
Plus the money is good. Kids won't starve.
I don't have any kids.
I do.

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