The Ghost Writer (2010): International Investigation Statement Part 2


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The clip international investigation statement Part 2 from The Ghost Writer (2010)

You need a lawyer. Call Sid.
Get Sid on the line.
What about the media?
Issue a holding statement, something short.
This is when we need Mike.
I'll write something.
Let him do it. He's supposed to be the writer.
Hang on a minute. I should sound confident.
Not defensive, that'd be fatal. But I shouldn't be cocky.
No bitterness, no anger, and don't say
I'm pleased at this opportunity to clear my name or any balls like that.
So, you're not defensive, but you're not cocky.
You're not angry, but you're not pleased?
That's it.
Then what exactly are you?
Told you he was funny.
I've always been a passionate supporter...
No, scrub that.
I've always been a strong, no, committed supporter
of the work of the International Criminal Court. Has he?
You're the writer.
The struggle against terror is too important
to be used for the purposes of personal revenge.
Very good. You could be the new Mike McAra.
Hello? John Maddox.
This is gonna be big. This can only be good for us.
Could be.
Here's the first chapter right here.
What've you covered so far?
The early years, childhood, university.
All right, forget that crap. Get him focused on the war crimes.
And he can't talk to anybody else, all right?
It's gotta be our exclusive.
Any chance of you finishing the manuscript sooner?
Yeah, yeah, sooner.
Well, how much sooner?
I'm thinking two weeks.
Look, I know it's tough, but if anyone can do it, you can.
I'm relying on you. We'll talk.

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