The Ghost Writer (2010): Confrontating Adam Part 2


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The clip confrontating Adam Part 2 from The Ghost Writer (2010)

Emmett? I barely knew the man.
And that story of yours
about why you joined the party and Ruth and the canvassing, well, the dates don't fit.
I got the dates wrong. Big deal!
Then when he found this photograph,
and he heard the rumors about Emmett being in the CIA...
It's on the Internet.
I've never heard such utter balls in my entire life.
Mike would never have believed such crap. He was too clever. Too loyal.
Mike betrayed you to Rycart.
How do you know that?
He told me.
He's lying.
This phone number on the back of the photograph, it's Rycart's.
The handwriting, that's McAra's.
Mike, Mike.
And you knew he was disillusioned.
You had a big row with him just before he died.
Yes, I know, but he never mentioned this. This is just... This is grotesque.
I've never taken orders from anyone.
Whatever I did, I did because I believed it was right.
What, even supporting illegal kidnapping for torture?
Oh, for God's sake, spare me the bleeding-heart bullshit!
Do you know what I'd do if I was in power again?
I'd have two queues at airports.
One for flights where we'd done no background checks,
infringed on no one's civil bloody liberties, used no intelligence gained by torture.
And on the other flight, we'd do everything we possibly could
to make it perfectly safe.
And then we'd see which plane the Rycarts of this world
would put their bloody kids on!
And you can put that in the book!

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