The Ghost Writer (2010): Strained Conversation Part 2


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The clip strained conversation Part 2 from The Ghost Writer (2010)

A less equable man than I might start to find your questions impertinent.
Our visitor wishes to know where we were on the 11th and 12th of January.
Do we possess that information?
That was the Colorado weekend.
Yes, of course, the Aspen Institute.
Bipolar relationships in a multi-polar world.
Sounds fun.
Yes, it was. I was the main speaker.
Look, just to return to Cambridge...
No, if you don't mind, let's not return to Cambridge.
I've said all I have to say on that subject.
I'm an avid reader of political memoirs. I'll get hold of Mr. Lang's when they appear.
Perhaps he'll send you a copy, for old time's sake.
I doubt that very much.
The gate will open automatically.
Be sure to make a right when you get to the end of the drive.
If you turn left, the road will take you deeper into the woods
and you may never be seen again.

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