Munich (2005): News Coverage

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The clip news coverage from Munich (2005) Stop! It now appears that the siege of the apartment building......
The clip news coverage from Munich (2005) Stop! It now appears that the siege of the apartment building... Where the hostages are being held has been called off... And the German police are retreating from the area. Officials seem to have decided to abandon their plans... When the leader of the fedayeen came out of the building... And demanded they call off the siege... Pointing out that the entire operation... Was being watched on a television set... Within the apartment. Apparently, new demands have been made to move the fedayeen... And their hostages, though it isn't yet known... When or where this might occur. This is Peter. Do you have something... To report to us from where you are? This is Cosell. I certainly do, Peter. We have an immense flurry of action here. Suddenly, in the whole area between building 20 and building 12... They have been clearing out cars. Obviously wary of an assault from the German police. Within five minutes. What I'm hearing from here is that... They're heading to an airport called F?rstenfeldbruck. ...says the chopper just landed... At the back of the Olympic village here. Can you see gate number seven? This is Vance Kolvig. What I have seen are... Four hostages in one helicopter... And it looks like five hostages in the first helicopter. Yes, I just got back a little while ago... And it was obvious that something... Quite serious was going on out there. Here we are, outside the gates. There are armored cars... Police cars.... Police are pouring in through the gates with lights flashing... And here come some more. Five, six, here comes another one. Seven armored cars have gone in through the gates now. They're mounting a major invasion. The latest word we get from the airport is that...