Munich (2005): Announcing the News

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The clip announcing the news from Munich (2005) I'm Jim McKay speaking to you live... At this moment, from...
The clip announcing the news from Munich (2005) I'm Jim McKay speaking to you live... At this moment, from ABC headquarters... Just outside the Olympic village in Munich, West Germany. The peace of what have been called the "serene Olympics"... Was shattered just before dawn this morning, about 5:00. There is great uncertainty about how many Israelis... Are being held hostage in the apartment. It now appears that Black September has tossed a piece of paper... Out the window. A list of demands. They want what they call "the Israeli war machine"... To release 200 Arabs, which it insists are political prisoners... Or the hostages will be killed. The terrorist communique ends with an appeal... For revolutionaries of the world to unite. This is building number 31. At this moment... Eight or nine terrified living human beings... Are being held prisoner. The demands have been many-- There's someone right now. This certainly has to be one of the guerrillas. A man with a stocking mask on his face. Weird. What's going on inside that head and that mind? Just a short while ago, there was... Another in this long series of negotiations. The spokesman for the group came out, spoke, went back. It seems to be a process of speak and consultation. Does it mean it's all right? Or does it mean it's all over? Come and get us. As Peter Jennings indicated, the German army... Because of very complicated laws... Would not be allowed to participate. And there you see an athlete holding a canvas bag... In which is obviously a machine gun. Peter Jennings, once again, is stationed... Inside the Olympic village. With the naked eye, Peter... What do you see now? Jim, there are now a great many... Maybe a dozen already, of those security men... In athletic uniforms.