Munich (2005): Secret Meeting


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The clip secret meeting from Munich (2005) with Eric Bana, Mathieu Amalric

This is.... What shall I call you today?
Franz Storsch.
You can call me Louis.
Our service has been satisfactory? Pricey.
A Jew and a Frenchman. We could haggle forever, huh?
I'm not a Jew. What do you suppose a ramson is?
It's a kind of a wild leek. Not in season, but garlic will do.
My papa sometimes loses track of the seasons.
I know nothing about food.
Why does he make me shop?
You're wondering if I'm French Intelligence.
Or CIA or KGB.
Or an agent with a profitable sideline in information.
I could be anybody. You could be anybody, too.
Identity. That's the boring part now.
Here's what isn't boring.
As long as you don't work for any government--
I'm in private business. Rich Americans, I heard.
I'm in private business, too. My family.
We can locate almost anyone for anyone anywhere...
And we are ideologically promiscuous.
We love everybody, hate everybody.
I get my feelings confused.
If you're not working for any government...
We know, or we find...
We don't find, you don't pay.
Initially it was the intention of the hijackers...

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