Munich (2005): Final Meeting


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The clip final meeting from Munich (2005) with Ayelet Zurer, Geoffrey Rush

Phone for you.
He's Israeli.
You think we'd hurt your family?
I think anyone is capable of anything.
I think you're losing your mind.
Did I commit murder?
I want you to give me proof that everyone we killed...
Had a hand in Munich.
I don't discuss such things with people who don't exist.
You want to discuss, come back to existence.
You want your daughter to grow up in exile?
I want evidence.
Professor Hamshari with the beautiful wife and child?
He was implicated in a failed assassination attempt on Ben-Gurion.
He was recruiting for Fatah France.
You stopped him.
We should have tried to bring him to Israel.
And Zwaiter, your harmless little writer in Rome?
He was behind the bomb on El Al flight 76 in 1968.
He was working on another bomb last August.
I could go on and on with this.
According to evidence nobody has seen.
If these people committed crimes, we should have arrested them.
Like Eichmann.
If these guys live, Israelis die.
Whatever doubts you have, Avner, you know this is true.
You did well, but you're unhappy.
I killed seven men. Not Salameh.
We'll get him, of course.
You think you were the only team?
It's a big operation. You were only a part.
Does that assuage your guilt?
Did we accomplish anything at all?
Every man we killed has been replaced by worse.

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