Munich (2005): Staying with the Enemy


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The clip staying with the enemy from Munich (2005) with Eric Bana

Eventually the Arab states will rise against Israel.
They don't like Palestinians, but they hate the Jews more.
It won't be like 1967.
The rest of the world will see by then what the Israelis do to us.
They won't help when Egypt and Syria attack. Even Jordan.
Israel will cease to exist.
This is a dream. You can't take back a country you never had.
You sound like a Jew. Fuck you.
I'm the voice inside your head telling you what you already know.
You people have nothing to bargain with.
You'll never get the land back.
You'll all die old men in refugee camps waiting for Palestine.
We have a lot of children. They'll have children.
So we can wait forever.
And if we need to, we can make the whole planet unsafe for Jews.
You kill Jews and the world feels bad for them...

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