Munich (2005): Building a Bomb


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The clip building a bomb from Munich (2005) with Mathieu Kassovitz, Eric Bana

Is this Louis's idea of a joke?
I've had nightmares that looked like this.
So when they explode, they toss little white balls of phosphorus...
Here all around his room. Each ball, it's like a little sun.
It burns at around 5,000 degrees.
So the air catches fire.
Everything in the vicinity melts.
Now, the bad news is they are grenades...
So I modified them to use with a remote detonator.
I also should mention that they're quite old...
Like World War II.
Only four were viable. We should dump the rest.
There's a porter at the hotel where Muchassi's staying.
He's gonna let us in the room when Muchassi goes out.
Hey. Who provided these prehistoric explosives?
Louis. Yeah. I'll thank him for that.

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