The Blues Brothers (1980): The Neo-Nazis


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The clip The Neo-Nazis from The Blues Brothers (1980) with Henry Gibson, John Belushi

White men!
White women!
The swastika is calling you!
The sacred and ancient symbol of your race...
since the beginning of time.
The Jew is using the black...
as muscle against you.
And you are left there, helpless.
Fuck you!
What are you gonna do about it, withy?
Just sit there?
Go back where you came from!
Of course not!
Son of a bitch!
You are going to join...
with us...
the members of...
the American Socialist White People's Party:
an organization of decent...
law-abiding white folk...
just like you.
Go to hell, bastards!
Go to hell!
I pledge allegiance to Adolf Hitler...
the immortal leader of our race.
To the order for which he stands.
One great cause.
Sacred and invincible.
Hey, what's going on?
Those bums won their court case so they're marching today.
What bums?
The fucking Nazi party.
Illinois Nazis.
I hate Illinois Nazis.
Heil Hitler!

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