The Blues Brothers (1980): Soul Food Part 2


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The clip soul food Part 2 from The Blues Brothers (1980) with Aretha Franklin, John Belushi

The Blues Brothers! Shit!
They still owe you money, fool!
Would it make you feel better if you knew...
that what we're asking Matt to do is a holy thing?
You see, we're on a mission from God.
Don't you blaspheme in here!
Now, this is my man, my restaurant...
and you two are gonna walk right out that door...
without your dry, white toast...
without your four fried chickens...
and without Matt "Guitar" Murphy!
Now you listen to me! I love you.
But I'm the man and you're the woman.
And I'll make the decisions concerning my life!
You better think about what you saying.
You better think about the consequences of your actions.
Shut up, woman!

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