The Blues Brothers (1980): the Real Band


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The clip the real band from The Blues Brothers (1980) with John Belushi, Charles Napier

Goddam it.
Excuse me. Are you the Good Ole Boys?
That's right. I'm Tucker McElroy, lead singer, driver of the Winnebago.
I'd like to talk to you, but we're running very late.
I'm Jacob Stein, American Federation of Musicians Union, Local 200.
I've been sent here to see if you're carrying your permits.
Our what?
Your union cards. May I see your cards, please?
Suppose we ain't got no union cards, and we go in and start playing anyway?
What you gonna do about that? You gonna stop us?
You gonna look funny trying to eat corn on the cob with no fucking teeth!
Listen, let me talk to Bob, the owner.
See if we can put your band on contract waivers for tonight.
I don't want you to move from this spot.
Just let me handle this.
We'll talk to Bob.
Get in the car and start her up.
You know you boys owe me a lot of money for that beer you drank!
Goddam it!
Bob, we loved playing here tonight.
My brother's writing out an American Express traveler's check...
to cover the bar tab.
I sure would appreciate it.
I'd better check up, see how he's doing. I have to sign it too.
I usually sit in the car and write it out on the glove compartment lid.

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