The Breakfast Club (1985): Having a Flare Gun


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The clip having a flare gun from The Breakfast Club (1985) with Anthony Michael Hall, Emilio Estevez

You know why I'm here today?
Do you?
I'm here because Mr Ryan found a gun in my locker.
Why did you have a gun in your locker?
I tried.
You pull the fucking trunk on it and the light's supposed to go on.
It didn't go on, I mean...
What was the gun for?
Forget it.
You brought it up, man.
I can't have an F.
I can't have it and I know my parents can't have it.
Even if I ace the rest of the semester, I'm still only a B.
Everything's ruined for me.
I considered my options.
Killing yourself is not an option.
I didn't do it, did I? I don't think so.
It was a hand gun?
No, it was a flare gun. It went off in my locker.
It's not funny.
Yes, it is.

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