The Breakfast Club (1985): Taking Shop


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The clip taking shop from The Breakfast Club (1985) with Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald

It's like me with my grades.
When I step outside myself
and look in at myself, you know...
I see me.
I don't like what I see.
I really don't.
What's wrong with you? Why don't you like yourself?
It sounds stupid but...
Because I'm failing shop.
We had this assignment, to make this ceramic elephant.
We had eight weeks to do it, and we're supposed... It was a lamp.
When you pull the trunk the light was supposed to go on.
My light didn't go on.
I got F on it.
I've never got an F in my life.
When I signed up for the course, I thought I was playing it smart.
I thought shop would be an easy way to maintain my grade point average.
Why did you think it would be easy?
Have you seen the dopes in shop?
I take shop.
You must be a fucking idiot.
Because I can't make a lamp?
No, you're a genius because you can't make a lamp.
Do you know about trigonometry?
I couldn't care less.
No trigonometry, no engineering.
No lamps, no light.
So neither of you is any better than the other.

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