The Breakfast Club (1985): Arriving at School


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The clip arriving at school from The Breakfast Club (1985) with Molly Ringwald, Mercedes Hall

I can't believe you can't get me out of this.
I mean, it's so absurd I have to be here on a Saturday.
I'm not a defective.
I'll make it up to you.
Ditching class to go shopping doesn't make you a defective. Have a good day.
It's the first or last time we do this?
The last.
Use the time to your advantage.
We're not supposed to study.
You figure out a way to study.
Well, go!
I screwed around. Guys screw around. There's nothing wrong with that.
Except you got caught.
Mum already reamed me, all right.
You want to miss a match? You want to blow your ride?
No school's going to give a scholarship to a discipline case.

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