I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007): Check Up


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The clip check up from I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007) with Kevin James, Adam Sandler

but the sad truth is some people have used homosexual lifestyles
as a cover to reap illegal benefits.
Who's that?
That's Paula. She's my late wife.
So you haven't always been gay.
No. I'm newly gay.
When... When she died, I knew I'd never find another woman
who'd make me as happy,
and that's when I boarded the dude train.
Will you excuse me one second?
Hey, homo, you see the moon balloons on that chick?
They're a jiggle away from falling out.
Oh, Chuck, don't tell me you lost your key again, sweetheart.
What key?
Baby! How about a free show? Why don't you shake them for me?
Oh, you mean Ron, the mailman. Yeah, Ron, you look great, man!
Love the moon balloons. Shake them! Shake them!
Hey, Chuck, come on in here a minute.
This is Glen Aldrich from the Penis... The Pension Department.
Our Pension Department.
Oh, hey. Yeah.
He... He knows about our partnership, and he's just here checking up on us,
making sure we're not running a scam to collect illegal benefits.
People do that? What is with the world?
It just makes me so sad
and gay to think of that kind of...
Yeah. ... behavior.
I just want to go to my room right now and listen to Boy George records.
Calm down.
So you've moved your relationship to the next level. How's it been going?
Oh, great. We've just been having sex with each other all the time.
Loads of sex.
Gay crazy sex.
Man on man. Loving every minute of it.
Yeah, balls and wieners all the way. Right here.
Oh, yeah.
Well, I won't take up any more of your time.
Bring the funk.
Okay, thank you.
So that's it?
You don't... You don't have any other questions for us or...

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