Bruno (2009): Bondage


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The clip bondage from Bruno (2009) with Sacha Baron Cohen, Michelle McLaren

I see what the fuck you're doing, dude.
Did he not try to pull
that queer shit on you out there?
Hi. How you doing?
I don't need this motherfucker touching me on the back,
telling me to look him in the fucking eye. Right?
I was just going to the kitchen.
I know, yeah. Come on.
What's this shit? Let's take this off.
Let's maybe we get to know each other a little.
I think you broke that, actually.
I don't give a fuck.
Yeah, there is... Let's get to know each other a little bit first.
Know each other? What?
You must produce a lot of milk.
I don't want you to do something that you'll regret.
You wake up tomorrow, you've lost your virginity, and you feel ashamed.
You know, let's take this a little slower.
We should reschedule.
Sit the fuck down.
Sit the fuck down. Don't fuck around!
No, let's do this the right way.
I go, and I sit down with your father, we talk about this.
If he gives his permission...
Would you quit being a little bitch here
and take your little briefs off before I fucking rip them?
Wait. Yes.
Okay. Great.
I don't like this little shit.
Yes, well, I want to really make this heterosexual sex.
It's going to be fantastisch!
Do as I say. Take that fucking shit off now!
Don't... You fold them.
You gotta fold that neatly. You don't treat suede like that. It stains.
Sit the fuck down. Take it off!
I've got an idea. Let's play a little bit of dress-up here.
It will be erotisch.
What is this? You gonna dress me like a man?
No, it's just a beard.
Am I supposed to wear a beard?
It's just a...
Come on, it will be fun.
I don't need a beard.
Take it off! Now!
Once you put the...
Fuck! Take it off.

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