Bruno (2009): Swingers Party


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The clip swingers party from Bruno (2009)

How did you get into it?
We, actually, our first time was on our...
Our honeymoon.
Of all nights for us to swing, the first time was for our honeymoon.
Und what is your favourite position?
That would be missionary or reverse cowgirl.
What's reverse cowgirl?
Show me. I'll pretend to be the woman.
Like, I'm sitting here, and...
Yeah, and so, if I'm the woman... Don't worry. Yeah, so what?
You'd be sitting like that,
and that's called reverse cowgirl.
Right. Right.
And then when you're facing me, that's called cowgirl.
This one here is cowgirl or reverse cowgirl?
This is cowgirl.
And then when you're turned the opposite way, it's reverse cowgirl.
Und what other positions are there?
Power driver.
But this is the girl's position.
You don't want to be like this if you're a guy.
There's missionary, doggy style.
So what's doggy style like?
You'd be bent over, like a dog does it.
Yeah. Like that?
All right, and then what would you be doing?
If you was a woman, I would be humping you.
No, show me.
I'm not gonna show you.
You're a man.
Don't be a faggot.
Come on. What's the big deal? It's just a couple of guys.
I'd be humping you like that.
I can't wait to do this to a woman.
Anybody want a sandwich or something?
Yeah. Great.
Very good. You've got great hair actually.
Thank you.
That was great.
Oh, yeah.
Good boy.

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